Vevo’s LIFT Initiative Plans To Highlight Khalid’s Artistry

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Along with the debut of his latest project, American Teen, Khalid was named the first artist of 2017 for Vevo’s LIFT initiative.

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The 19-year-old artist will undergo an artist development program that has helped elevate the name of artists like Alessia Cara, Sam Smith, Kendrick Lamar and more. The announcement arrives simultaneously with the release of Khalid’s album American Teen. The six-week LIFT program focuses on giving fans an inside look at the rise of an artist, and first-hand insight of the creation of their persona and project.

In the upcoming weeks, Vevo is planning to release “Becoming,” a short film where artists get to tell their story in a unique way. In his version of the visual, the rising artist will tackle topics like love, hope, and his childhood. “Becoming” will also dig into Khalid’s creative process in a cinematic frame that will encompass scenes from El Paso, Texas. The RCA Records artist gained his notoriety from his hit “Location” where he discusses his experience of moving from New York to Texas, and his latest project is a honest interpretation of his life.

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As part of the campaign, Vevo will release a performance by Khalid titled “Stripped,” which will be filmed this month in Los Angeles. To kick it off, Vevo released his video for “American Teen.”