Kobe Bryant Joins ‘First Take’ To Discuss Second Career As a Writer And Today’s NBA

It’s been almost a year since Kobe Bryant ended his marvelous NBA career by dropping 60 points on the Utah Jazz in front of the Laker faithful, an unforgettable performance as the legend waved goodbye to the game of basketball. With a new career ahead of him, Bryant paid a visit to ESPN’s First Take Monday (March 27to share his new talents and converse about the latest generation of NBA superstars.

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Four months into retirement, Bryant quickly moved into the next phase by launching a venture capital firm and has found a second career as a content writer. He also recently launched “Musecage,” a project by Canvas City that serves as a Sesame Street version of basketball know-how.

An at peace Kobe revealed he has yet to talk to Magic Johnson about a potential role within the Lakers’ front office. The 18-time All-Star admitted that he hasn’t followed the NBA season very closely, but loves to watch the next generation of stars,. “There’s three that I really enjoy watching: Russell [Westbrook], James [Harden], Kawhi Leonard. I love watching that generation,” he said. “We operate from the same spots on the floor.”

The 38-year-old even pondered the thought of meeting up with LeBron for a heavyweight match up in the 2009 NBA Finals, but unfortunately LeBron and the Cavs were defeated by the Magic in the Eastern Conference Semi-finals in six games.

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Check out more of the interview below.