Lauren London Responds To The Internet Going Crazy Over Her Baby Weight

The internet went crazy over new photos of Lauren London’s post-baby body, but the mother of two remains unbothered. On Tuesday (Feb. 28) London reacted to feverish debates over her weight gain — most of which defended her against all those digital body shamers.

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“I’ve been getting compliments on my looks for years,” she wrote on Instagram. “I NEVER let it ‘gas me’ because I knew the enduring value in all things is internal. When I decided to have my son, I knew the Internet would be cruel. I knew the casting directors would consider me out of commission for at least a year. I knew that MY BODY would change, but I did not let the fear of these things effect me to the point of going against my spirit.”

London added that she remains at peace with herself, even if that means being “at conflict” with the world.

“This lil weight will get worked off and WHO I AM WILL BE UNCOMPROMISED.”

Peep her full response below.


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