Lil Eazy-E On California’s Proposed HIV Law: “I Think It’s Population Control”

After it was announced California lawmakers are toying with the idea of lowering the penalty of knowingly exposing your partner to HIV without informing them from a felony to a misdemeanor, many wondered if the potential move would undo the progress made in HIV/AIDS research. However, one person who knows the disease all too well is Eazy-E’s son Lil Eazy E, and while speaking with TMZhe matter-of-factly said the proposed law isn’t about HIV at all.

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“If you ask me, I think it’s population control,” Lil Eazy-E, 32, said. “For you to just be out here laying around with people unprotected and not having the consequences of letting them know you are unsafe to have sex with…”

Lil Eazy-E, real name Eric Darnell Wright, said it should “most definitely” be considered a felony to knowingly expose someone to the virus. And while he maintains the stigma and the era which his father died from AIDS is completely different from now, the consequences shouldn’t be less severe. Lawmaker however say the idea behind the potential move is to shift the attitude towards the virus.

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“It’s like letting a dude walk around here with a loaded pistol, you know what I’m saying? Or a girl with a secret weapon that could sit there and destroy a whole state. Yeah, you gotta have consequences for that. Duh! It’s common sense.”