Lupe Fiasco’s Samurai Skills Are A1


Lupe Fiasco’s love for martial arts will come in handy when things start going left in the world. Over the weekend, the musician displayed his skills on social media, teaching us a thing or two about alternative combat.

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On Sunday (March 26), the rapper posted a short clip on Instagram showcasing the art of laido. As one of the techniques in the Iaijutsu family, the motion helps the fighter prep for a sudden attack. Most beginners move slow, practicing with a wooden sword while the more elite use “shinken” swords.

Moving steady, a focused Lupe moves like a pro. In the past, the rapper has shared with fans his love for martial arts. The Chicago native has a black belt in karate, two black belts in samurai sword styles (kendo and aiedo) and holds knowledge about Chinese wushu. His training has helped him during his biggest feats, like his climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in an effort to push awareness on the global water crisis.

Lupe shared with MTV News in 2010 how his training was decades in the making. “I did martial arts for, like, 20 years. My father was a Grand Master for, like, 40 years before he passed,” he said. “It’s just one of those lessons that we were taught. We used to run in the snow barefoot, jump over cars, hang out of trees and do all types of crazy stuff, and that was just part of the training, to understand that it’s you versus yourself. The terrain is always going to exist, it’s always going to be there, and it’s whether you are capable enough to go through it. … Just some little mysticism right there, a little bit of that karate magic to keep the mind going.”

We guess Lupe doesn’t have to worry about falling into the sunken place anytime soon.

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