Elisa Johnson Says Her Father Is Against Her Dating Pro-Athletes

In 1995, Magic and Cookie Johnson adopted Elisa Johnson when she was just three days old. Now, the newly appointed Los Angeles Lakers’ team president is fielding calls from professional athletes on the relationship status of his 22-year-old daughter, much to his dismay. The sports legend is not happy about it, as any dad is protective over their children. Magic also knows a thing or two about the fast-paced lifestyle professional athletes live today.

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The Hall-of-famer appeared on The Steve Harvey Show in 2016 along with his family to talk about how his mindset as a dad has changed with his kids getting older. “Athletes and entertainers are calling me about my baby now, and I’m like ‘Hold up, man. That’s my baby. No you can’t date her,” he said. “You know, I’m all in her business and she gets mad at me, she want to be on her own so bad.”

TMZ caught up with the fashionista on Thursday (March 30), to check if she was still single and discovered her perspective on dating athletes. “My dad is not really of that. I’m focused on school right now. He’s a no-go on the athletes and Dodger players,” she said.

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After playing in the NBA for 13 seasons, Magic knows the pressures that come along with the industry, so it’s nice to see him step in and guide his daughter in another direction.