Mary J. Blige Speaks On Divorce And Using Her Music As Therapy On ‘Angie Martinez’


Despite battling a public divorce, Mary J. Blige manages to deflect the stress of the legal proceeding by placing her focus on the music. During an appearance on Angie Martinez’s Power 105.1 radio show (March 30), the “No More Drama” singer said her forthcoming melodies served as a free therapy session while she severs martial ties from her longtime partner/manager Kendu Isaacs.

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“Unfortunately he was my everything and you can’t make a person your everything because you’re giving them too much power,” Blige said. “You’re giving them God’s power and this is why things like this happen. I just gave him way too much, but I gave him all of that so he can feel comfortable in the company of my peers and when he comes around he’s not just ‘Mary J. Blige’s husband.'”

With Blige’s 13th studio album, Strength of a Woman (Apr. 28), the award-winning singer hopes that listeners will be able to breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the soundscape’s healing power. “This album just embodies what I’m dealing with,” Blige told Martinez. The “Be Without You” singer also chuckled when the established radio host said fans gravitate toward Blige’s music when she’s going through a dark period. “That’s so unfortunate [laughs]. It sucks, but it what it is.”

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Read a few more quotes from Blige’s candid interview where she discusses spousal support, a pending book on her life and the positive reception of her album’s announcement.

On Kendu Isaacs’ Demand For Spousal Support:
“I don’t owe you anything. It’s not fair. This is very mean to just keep sitting on this and demanding this type of money and taking me through all of this.”

On What Prompted The Breaking Point:
“The overwhelming disrespect. You’re way too familiar and you’re disrespecting me and I can sense that I’m not what you want anymore because now you’re starting to throw questions around like, ‘Ok, why don’t you cook?’ ‘I haven’t been cooking,’ or ‘Why don’t you wear your hair like this?’ I never wore my hair like this, so what’s up with you? You start to realize that this man doesn’t want you and he’s just gone all the time. You’re by yourself in the relationship. When you realize you’re by yourself in the relationship and you’re just suffering through it, now it’s time to do some investigating.”

On The Reports Concerning The Split:
“I’m still in it. It’s getting worse. It’s really not getting better. More BS, more nonsense, more denial, more stupidity. I can’t even believe it’s this bad. It should be over by now, but the games that are being played…it’s because of what’s happening in court. That’s why everything is bad.”

On What’s Causing The Lengthy Process:
“He has the power to make it all go away. If he just would stop demanding what he’s demanding. And that’s not fair to me, because he doesn’t deserve what he’s demanding. Why do I have to pay you? Why do you think you deserve this amount of money? Why do you think you deserve any money? You didn’t make me. You’re not God. So I have to pay you for being my husband and for being my manger? You say you ‘helped me.’ Yeah, you helped, but you didn’t build this career. I was Mary J. Blige before I even met you, so that’s not fair of you. And this is the sickness.”

On Remaining Optimistic:
“I definitely feel empowered because I have to handle my own business now. I have to handle everything myself and I just feel like I escaped something really bad, something that could’ve been worse than what it is.”

On Marriage In The Future:
“Right now no, I would never get married again…It’s not for everybody, you lose yourself in it. You don’t even realize how much you’ve lost yourself. You lose your identity. You start living to please this man and want to be everything that he wants you to be…I was always desperate to be loved by a man that I felt like ‘Oh wow, this is him.’ My desperation got me tricked.”

On Touring During The Divorce Proceedings:
“I needed to be somewhere other than home thinking about all of this foolishness, these lawyers and this and that. All of the stupidity. I needed to be somewhere that I could vent and express myself and use my music for my own therapy and get some energy back from the fans.

On The Positive Reception Of Her Album Announcement:
“I’m glad. I’m glad. Unfortunately, in this situation, my fans will be happy. They’re going to be happy anyway, but it’s healing time. A lot of us need to get through some stuff that we don’t want to tell nobody about, but I’m going to tell. This is what I’m here for.”

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