Mary J. Blige Says ‘Strength Of A Woman’ Project Is “One Of My Most Powerful Albums”

Mary J. Blige’s melodies and vocals were stored away for three years since the release of her London Sessions album in 2014. Now, the critically-acclaimed artist is poised to return with her 13th studio album, Strength of a Woman, sharing her elation on Twitter for its April 28 arrival.

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“This is one of my most powerful albums,” the “No More Drama” singer wrote on Wednesday night (March 29). After enduring a public divorce from her longtime partner of 12 years, Kendu Isaacs, Blige’s personal life might find refuge within her lyrics and vocal delivery.

In a previous interview with Good Morning America, the “Be Without You” singer remained candid on what prompted her to file for a divorce. “The breaking point was when I kept asking over and over again for respect and to be respected. And it just seemed like I was beating a dead horse. It seemed like I was talking to a wall,” she said, per People. “I just wasn’t getting it back, so if I can’t get respect in the relationship, then I have to move on and save myself.”

Strength of a Woman may also serve as a cathartic release for the award-winning vocalist, sharing that she doesn’t plan to “hold back” with the content on this album. When she released “Thick of it,” Blige admitted, “It’s almost painful to let it out,” but “I don’t hold back though, it’s not who I am and there’s no way I am going to start changing now.”