Mass Grave In Mexico Linked To Drug Cartel Finds More Than 250 Human Skulls

Authorities discovered the horrifying sight of more than 250 human skulls in a Veracruz, Mexico mass grave. Colectivo Solecito, an activist group made up of the mothers of the state’s estimated 2,400 people missing people played a role in discovering the graves. The victims were most likely involved in the underground drug cartel that has plagued Mexico’s gulf coast as an infamous battle zone.

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“When they finish opening the clandestine cemetery in the state it will be seen as the largest grave,” State Attorney General Jorge Winckler Ortiz told Televisa, per NPR, “because for years organized crime has disappeared and murdered people with the complicity of the authorities.”

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Colectivo Solecito raised money for the excavation with bake sales and raffles after a cartel member handed over a map of possible grave sites at a Mother’s Day rally in 2016. Lucia Diaz, a spokeswoman for the group, has been in search of her missing son since 2013. “What we have found is abominable and it reveals the state of corruption, violence and impunity that reigns not only in Veracruz, but in all of Mexico,” Diaz told the New York Times.

For some of the victims’ family members, this could finally bring the closure they’ve been yearning for. Martha González, whose son disappeared along with five others in 2013, told CNN en Español, “They give us just the bones, but at least I can have them, I can keep it some place where it won’t be rained on, where I can put a flower on it.”