Teen Who Beheaded Classmate Has Been Indicted On First Degree Murder Charges


Matthew Borges, a 16-year-old Massachusetts native was indicted by a grand jury on first degree murder charges Monday (Mar. 13), for the beheading of fellow Lawrence High School classmate Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino. Both of the boys had gone to smoke marijuana together on the evening of Nov. 18 when the assault took place.

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Viloria-Paulino’s body was found by a riverbank on Dec. 1 by a woman walking her dog. He had been reported missing by family members since Nov. 19. Investigators also discovered his head nearby. According to the police report, Borges admitted to an unidentified witness that he stabbed 16-year-old Viloria-Paulino and then proceeded to cut his head off.

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Borges was arrested the following day (Dec. 2) and charged with first degree murder. He has been held without bail since, with his motive yet to be revealed. The sophomore in high school will be arraigned in Salem Superior Court on Mar. 31 and tried as an adult.