Maxine Waters: “I Am A Strong Black Woman, I Cannot Be Intimidated”

Rep. Maxine Waters (D.-Calif.) will not be “intimidated” by Bill O’Reilly, or anybody for that matter. The 78-year-old congresswoman responded to the Fox News personality after he criticized her hair during a Fox & Friends segment Tuesday (March 28).

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O’Reilly apologized for the “dumb” comment, after Twitter roasted him into oblivion, but he isn’t the only Fox News employee to take shots at the veteran politician:

Waters clapped back with the #BlackWomenAtWork hashtag — which sheds light on the racism, stereotypes, discrimination, and all around headaches that black women face in the work place.

The hashtag was sparked by O’Reilly’s statements, and Press Secretary Sean Spicer telling journalist April Ryan to stop shaking her head during a press briefing at the White House Tuesday.

Waters shared the same sentiments with Chris Hayes on MSNBC’s Tuesday. “I am a strong black woman and I cannot be intimidated,” she said. “I cannot be undermined, I cannot be thought to be a friend of Bill O’Reilly or anybody.”

Check below for more #BlackWomenAtWork tweets.


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