Maxine Waters Isn’t Here For Trump’s Wiretapping Claims Against Obama

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Ca.) is keeping up her resistance towards President Donald Trump. While speaking to MSNBC’s Joy Reid’s AM Joy, Waters explained why she’s not backing down from The White House and her thoughts on Trump’s continuous wiretapping claims towards his predecessor Barack Obama.

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“There’s something wrong with this president,” she said Saturday (March 4). “He’s not normal. First of all, Obama cannot order a wiretap on him. The president doesn’t know a lot about government, or Congress [and] how it all works. As a matter of fact, I think he thought he could come into The White House dictator style. The man is not trustworthy. I wonder sometimes if he’s taking his cues from [Vladamir] Putin.”

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Many have noticed Water’s strong resistance against the Trump administration, preferably the youth,  have embraced her as “Auntie Maxine.”“I’m so proud of this connection that I’ve made with these young people. They do call me Auntie Maxine. I embrace that. I love that. And I’m gonna be their auntie,” she said. “I’m gonna keep telling the truth. And I want them to get out there, register people to vote, get active and bombard the Congress of the United States and the leadership with what they want them to do.”

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Check out the full interview where Waters discusses Trump’s possible hidden agendas and her thoughts on his roundup of HBCU leaders here.

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