Let These Meryl Streep Memes Remind You Of Black Twitter’s Greatness

Meryl Streep has unknowingly taken on the role of an overzealous music head thanks to powers that be–A.K.A, Black Twitter.

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Over the weekend, an image from Streep’s appearance at the 2015 Golden Globes resurfaced on the platform, paired with perfect jams from the 99′ and the 2000’s. Originally, the celebrated actress was cheering on the late Debbie Reynolds for her “Lifetime Achievement Award,” but much like the infamous Shaq or Drake memes, the perspective was quickly altered.

From Streep “reciting” hits from Sean Paul to Missy Elliott, no hit (or catchy consulting jingle) went unnoticed.

Of course, it has us thinking one thing:

Let the thinking emojis commence while you check out more in the gallery above.

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