Migos Reinvent The Biker Look In Their “What The Price” Video

Migos’ current music videos are a far cry from the type of productions they used to release before the world caught “Bando” fever. It used to be a few homies with thousand dollar cameras hanging from their necks, but it’s all different now. Just like “T-Shirt,” their latest creation for “What The Price” is more like a short film.

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Exploring new territory is nothing new for the Migos — according to Quavo, their music allows them to stay connected with races from all colors and creeds. Whether halfway across the world, or right at home in the backwoods of Atlanta, the boys always find friendly plugs.

“Going to Moscow was the same [as going to Africa] because I don’t know what color or race I am,” Quavo told Billboard in their recent cover story. “I feel connected all around the world. When I hit that mic, I feel universal.”

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Even if they have to fight their way out of a random bar like in their newly released visuals, Quavo, Takeoff and Offset have a knack for coming out of every altercation victorious.

The Migos critically acclaimed album Culture album is available for purchase now on iTunes.