Police Arrest Mother For Reportedly Abusing Her Child Who Failed To Quote Bible Verses Correctly


A string of abusive incidents inside a Pennsylvania mother’s home found its way to the hands of law enforcement earlier this week. According to The Root, a woman named Rhonda Kemp Shoffner reportedly assaulted her pre-teen daughter after she failed a quiz on different Bible verses.

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The victim said her mother was intoxicated at the time of the abuse — according to Penn Live, the mother’s alcohol state spanned three days — and forced her to get on her knees. The young girl, whose age is below 13, pleaded with her mother to not strike her. That’s when Shoffner, 41, stated, “What did God tell the man to do with his son?” The girl hesitantly responded since she didn’t know the correct answer and said, “God said to forgive his son.” Annoyed by her response, Shoffner slammed the child’s head into a wall, police reports state.

The inquiry continued and with every wrong response, the young girl would endure more blows. She then engaged in a physical match with her mother before she broke loose and fled the house with her phone and coat. The girl then called her father who traveled with her to the police station. Shoffner now faces charges of strangulation, aggravated assault against a child and terroristic threats, Penn Live reports.

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Shoffner will appear in court for a preliminary hearing on March 29.