The Man Who Intercepted A Fight & Forced Teens To Shake Hands Deserves All The Awards


An incident involving two teenagers this week ended on a positive note when a wise member of the neighborhood stepped up to provide truth bombs on a vicious violent cycle.

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Breaking AC reports a fight between Atlantic City High School students Jamar Mobley and another teen broke out on Monday (March 20). In the age of social media, friends and classmates of the teens recorded the fight looking for a Worldstar moment. Instead, fellow Jersey resident Ibn Ali intercepted to question the teens on what they’re really fighting for and how their incident will entertain their friends rather than clear any issues they may have with one another.

“You all got parents,” he’s heard saying. “Don’t make your parents look like this. Anybody who can laugh at you while you’re upset ain’t your friend.” While pointing out the teens recording the fight, he also mentions the hardship of some of the spectators as he gives them more helpful advice. “Look around. Who ill advised you? You’re almost men, 14, 15, 16. Start acting like it. I know where you from. Your parents worked hard to get where they’re at.”

In the end, Ali made the teens shake hands and put an end to their beef. The video has made some shed tears and others, proud of Ali for taking on a meaningful role in his community. LeBron James was also one of the millions of people to share his thoughts on the clip.

Can we find this man and give him all the awards??

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