O.J. Simpson Might Be Released From Prison Sooner Than You Think

After serving nine years of his nine-to-33-year sentence in prison regarding a 2007 robbery and kidnapping incident, O.J. Simpson may get the chance to become a free man once again. The high profile murder suspect is reportedly scheduled for a court hearing in July 2017, which will determine whether he is ready for parole, CNN reports. Based on what the court rules, O.J. could be released as early as Oct. 1.

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Simpson was locked away in Oct. 2008 after he and some armed assailants confronted sports memorabilia dealers who allegedly stole his belongings, including his Heisman trophy. Simpson was convicted on charges of armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, and kidnapping. Coincidentally, the conviction just so happened to come exactly 13 years after Simpson had been acquitted of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and a family friend, Ron Goldman, in the “Trial of the Century.”

For his freedom, four to seven commissioners will have to vote in Simpson’s favor. The board reportedly scores inmates based on the risk level involved in releasing them, according to the news site. The higher the total score, the greater the risk; an inmate with a score between zero to five points is regarded as low risk, and someone with six or higher is higher risk.

In previous parole hearings the former football hero scored fairly low, but there are other factors that can rack up unwanted points. He could get several tallies in relation to his past with drug and alcohol abuse, an issue reportedly cited in his 2013 parole documents. Even so, the hearing could still go in his favor based on his age and the fact that he has been a “model prisoner,” Nevada defense attorney Dan Hill told CNN.

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Grey hairs and model behavior aside, some people are still not convinced the 69-year-old is worthy of freedom. Fred Goldman, father of deceased victim, Ron, said O.J.’s past legal history proves that he could not abide by the law once he’s released. “Simpson has proven over and over again, throughout his life, he has absolutely no concern for the law or authority,” Goldman said. Ultimately, that decision will be left up to yet another board of his peers.

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