Teen Throws Newborn Baby Out The Window And Is Ordered To Delete Her Facebook Page


An Omaha teen avoided decades in prison for throwing her newborn baby out of a window, and instead has been ordered by a judge on Friday (March 25) to live in a group home, seek therapy and delete her Facebook page.

Antonia Lopez, 16, was initially charged as an adult with one count of felony child abuse resulting in death. However, due to the teen’s fairly clean criminal record, save for a theft charge and her mental state, the case was transferred to juvenile court.

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Lopez gave birth to a girl in September at home inside the Kellom Knolls complex. Shortly after, she threw the baby out of her second-floor window and quickly told her mother what she did. Deputy Douglas County Attorney Jennifer Chrystal-Clark asked that Lopez be placed in a group home due to comments the teen made that indicate she didn’t understand the severity of her actions. Lopez’s defense lawyer Rebecca McClung disagrees.

“To say she doesn’t understand is disingenuous,” McClung said to the Omaha World Herald. “She understands.” McClung continued by saying Lopez admitted she thought her daughter was stillborn.

Along with Lopez’ sentencing, Juvenile Court Judge Christopher Kelly ordered her to complete 50 hours of community service. Kelly revealed the reason why the teen was told to delete her social media account was because negative comments from around the country began flooding her page.

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Lopez with remain in jail until she is placed in a group home, however, officials say it’s been difficult to place her because she’s viewed as a risk. The extent of Lopez’s probation hasn’t been finalized. While she turns 17 in June, Judge Kelly could extend it until her 19th birthday.