Patient Dies After Doctor Performed Surgery He Reportedly Learned On YouTube


Patrick Kelly’s family demands justice after their loved one died in the care of Dr. Hani Sorour. According to the New York Post, Kelly checked in at South Carolina’s Union Medical Center after experiencing extreme discomfort with a sore throat.

The news site adds that Kelly’s throat condition made it hard for him to breathe and swallow. The ailment was the result of an allergic reaction. Sorour attempted to place a tube through Kelly’s throat to assist in his breathing, but that method was unsuccessful. Then, Souror reportedly turned to YouTube to learn how to perform a Cricothyrotomy which aids in a person’s breathing ability.

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The procedure turned fatal when Kelly went into cardiac arrest. The Post notes that once law enforcement officials arrived on the scene, the YouTube tutorial page was still visible on the doctor’s computer. Kelly’s family filed a lawsuit for medical malpractice.

WSPA reports that Sorour also has a criminal history. He was charged with misdemeanor assault in 2008. The family’s attorney, Robert Dodson, said, “Any patient would want to know has my doctor been accused of a serious crime.” The site adds that the proper officials failed to investigate Sorour’s past when he admitted to the charges in a letter he wrote before filing the paperwork for a medical license six years ago.