Premiere: Bone Thugs And Stephen Marley Share Inspirational Single, “Coming Home”

Cleveland’s native sons Krayzie Bone and Bizzy Bone have a new collaborative album set to impact this summer. Titled New Waves, the speed rap veterans worked with Stephen Marley on the project’s lead single.

Produced by Clifford Goilo and Avedon and West Coast veteran Damizza, Krayzie and Bizzy reintroduce their irreplaceable Grammy award winning melodies on “Coming Home.” Uniting as Bone Thugs, the childhood friends are back together to deliver what their fans have been craving for years.

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“We love the process of making music so this wasn’t a hard album for us to make,” explains Bizzy of the recording process behind New Waves. “We have so much history with not only eOne Music, but with eOne Music President Alan Grunblatt. He’s the same dude we’ve had all our success with since E. 1999 Eternal. Everything we’ve ever done has been successful with Alan. So we’re comfortable with knowing that our project is in good hands.”

eOne plans to release the album with a bevy of new videos and interactive campaigns in the coming months. The duo’s lead single “Coming Home” kicks off a new wave of energy filled with positive and inspirational messages.

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“This album is a breath of fresh air coming from Bone,” says Krayzie. “We wanted to give this project a different look. That’s where the album title comes from: New Waves. We will always be a group…we will always be Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, but this is different than from the norm. This is Bone Thugs.”

Stream “Coming Home” Here