Premiere: West Coast Duo MIKNNA Debuts New Track, “Mona Lisa”

West coast duo Miknna has a lot to share this year. Flying high off the success of 2016’s 50|50 (Side A), the tightknit unit has more canorous tunes to unleash during the next 365 days.

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“Mona Lisa is a statement piece. It was the 2nd or 3rd record we made together as “MIKNNA.” The contrast between the 808s, drums, and chord progressions have such an aggressive but vulnerable synergy that meshes so well,” says Mike B. about their VIBE debut, “Mona Lisa.’

He continues: “I think it’s a great introductory to the other side of 50|50 (Side B) , which is rooted more from our hip-hop influences. We wanted to show the dynamic range in the different types of records we can make collectively. We’re just scratching the surface.”

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Mikknna has much room for improvement, but off rip, the fellas’ potential sounds limitless. Despite the fact that both Mike and Ken have spent years crafting music on their own, their unique chemistry has pushed the musicians in front of new eyes.

“The song started with the bass line layered with an atmospheric synth to give it a dark and mysterious feel. I wanted the drums to knock really hard but still let the track breathe so I made it half-time,’ says Ken Nana who initiated the futuristic track. “Mike quickly came up with the hook, and before we knew it, the song was nearly finished by the end of the night. We decided to hold on to this track and revisit it after our first EP, 50|50 (Side A), which was a bit more lighthearted. We wanted “Mona Lisa” to be the introduction to Side B which reveals a darker, more confident side of MIKNNA, like the little purple devil Emoji.”