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Premiere: Oswin Benjamin Makes An Impressive Debut With 'HUEMAN' EP

Rookie rapper, Oswin Benjamin, delivers ghetto gospel for the soul. 

There is a wave of redundant content flooding hip-hop culture and it's fairly easy to point out emcees who freestyle an entire album and fail. Well, enter newcomer, Oswin Benjamin, who bucks the trend of rambling mumble rap with lyrics of freestyle fury.

The Newburgh, New York-bred singer and emcee, carefully crafts heartfelt songs that touch on soul-tugging topics such as spirituality, social issues, black-on-black violence, awful stereotypes, among other intense subject matter.

Today (March 3rd), the 27-year-old rapper drops off his debut EP dubbed, Hueman. The 6-track project mixes principled musings with themes of love over soulful and church-inspired instrumentals--all the while holding mirrors up to his own vices.

Benjamin's versatility is impressive, too.  He showcases his ability to tackle a variety of flows and melodies (think Kendrick Lamar's vocal acrobatics and switch lane flows). The ease in which OB handles the former comes off as natural--which is likely a result of years of practice, and being a student and fan of different genres of music.

"While I was making Hueman my main objective was to portray every aspect of being a person," Oswin revealed to VIBE. "From the quality of your soul and well being, to police brutality and urban stereotypes to relationship issues etc, these qualms are no respecter of pigment. Although all of these elements play a part in making us who we are, the most important element is love. Love of self, love for the people around you, love for your parents, friends and love for the situation you may currently be in with the understanding that these bearings are the threads that weave us all together. Being a Hue.man is less about your color and your ethnicity, but more so about the issues we face in our separate communities that we can all relate to and with the help of Black Milk's and Nat Turner's production, I feel like I was able to convey this message with a colorful jazzy aesthetic that is open, free, and digestible."

The OverDeliver signed artist rose from the underground circuit with an impressive array of music uploaded on Soundcloud. After noteworthy freestyles on Sway's Universe, OB's ready to share his pangs, spirit and experiences with the world.

Stream Hueman below.

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On his catchy new single "Feds Watching" featuring Kamari, Niko Brim shares his affection for a woman he's creeping with. Over infectious xylophones and poppy snares, Niko uses melodic flows

“It’s about the girl being so bad, it’s dangerous,” Niko explains. “Also, you never know who’s watching and plotting on you. It's also about sticking with somebody even when things aren’t going the best.”

Niko Brim, who hails from Mount Vernon, New York, said he recorded "Feds Watching" along with several other songs in one night, but that this stood out from the pack.

"This was one of my favorite cook ups. That night I did 4 or five records and I knew this one was a standout. It's a good feeling but it's really about a girl being so pretty that she makes things hard for you. It's a rough spot to be in you know? Do you stand ten toes or let her be? Either way, I can't leave her alone."

The Mount Vernon rapper, who is also the co-founder of the CYN crew, released his previous album A Thousand Pictures: Book Two in 2018. Listen to "Feds Watching' below.

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Premiere: YFN Lucci Has A Bad Break-Up In "Ride For Me" Video

Earlier this year, ATL's YFN Lucci released his Gangsta Grillz mixtape 650Luc. One of the many standouts on the 17-song effort is the lovelorn track titled, "Ride for Me" featuring Yungeen Ace.

Today (Oct. 25), the "Everyday We Lit" rapper linked with VIBE to premiere the song's visuals. In the video, Lucci is hurt by the fact that his girl isn't the ride-or-die woman she claimed to be. After having a disagreement with his significant other, the former lovers part ways.

"This song is a message to let women know that as men we need a ride-or-die and not a nagger," Lucci says to VIBE. Other standouts on 650Luc include "I'm Gone," "Backend," "Pull Up With A 100," and the Trey Songz-assisted radio banger, "All Night Long."

Last year, Lucci spoke to VIBE about waxing poetic about his trials and tribulations.

"I’m rapping about true stories. I’m talking about sh*t that matters, sh*t people are going to feel," Lucci said. "On this project (Ray Ray from Summerhill) it’s more on that Wish Me Well feel. I’m rapping—I’ve always rapped, but I’m singing on my hooks. But you have to listen to what I’m saying. I’m telling you about my life, my past. I made it rapping. I’m from Summerhill. We don’t make it out of there."

Watch the video for "Ride for Me" above.

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Premiere: Sareem Poems Dissects Impact Of Social Media In 'No Fly Zone' Video

People of all ages have succumbed to the power of social media, and in his new music video for "No Fly Zone," Sareem Poems looks for a way out.

The Travis Hayward-directed video depicts Sareem Poems alone in a woodsy, railroaded area, dropping rhymes about our needs to keep up with each other's false self depictions, the trauma from seeing violence on our screens, and fears how things may become worse. Fans of thoughtful, laid back hip-hop from acts like A Tribe Called Quest and The Roots will be right at home with this record.

"'No Fly Zone' is a song about the pressure social media puts on people. What we look like when we leave the house, what we listen to, etc. Is based around a highlight reel published for likes," Sareem Poems told VIBE. "For most, it’s hard to enjoy a peaceful moment. Checking the phone, taking a picture of yourself, food, etc. is all done in the company of friends and alone. Putting your phone on silent is cool. But, you can still see it light up.

"I think more Desperate measures are needed," he continued. "Put your phone on airplane mode. Take the time to rediscover the things that make you, you. Writing this was for me too. I fall in line with everything I said in the song. I've been missing out on special moments, all because I had my eyes focused on my phone instead of the people and events right in front of me."

"No Fly Zone" appears on 88 To Now, the new album by Sareem Poems and producer Newselph. Stream or buy it on your preferred services.

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