Premiere: Get Hypnotized By Raheem Bakaré’s Trippy Video For “LSD”

London artist Raheem Bakaré has officially dropped the visuals for his latest single “LSD” feat. Bento BDA today (Mar. 8), and it’s pretty hard not to get seduced by his twisted reality. And the dark and tripped-out visual is just a taste of what’s in store on his forthcoming EP Lucid Soul Dream.

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In the three-and-a-half minute video, Bakaré appears to have awakened in an alternate reality filled with an alluring female character and a party full of mindless dancers. “We’ve been down this road before. Nothing’s making sense no more,” he sings over a chopped bass. Adding to this sort of out-of-body experience, Bakaré incorporates upside down angles, slo-motion takes and distorted figures.

While the track is named after the psychedelic drug, the singer also says that it illustrates the same type of experience when some one is “love drunk.” “I’ve seen people get love drunk to the point that they focus more on their partner than their own situation. This type of addiction can turn even the most sane person crazy,” he tells VIBE of his video concept. “LSD came as an epiphany to end this toxic habit within a relationship. The psychedelic sonics and heavy drums harness the reflection of a limbo state felt when looming a breakup.”

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As noted, “LSD” reportedly comes from Lucid Soul Dream, an eight-track EP to be released Mar. 17 (now available for pre-order). The project will also feature singles “Forever You” and “Ups and Downs,” which the artist previously debuted last year.

Check out Raheem Bakaré’s music video for “LSD” below.