Premiere: Inspired By Black Joy, Xenia Rubinos Casts A Universal “L.O.V.E.” Spell With New Video

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Following her sophomore album Black Terry Cat, and amid a political climate teething anti-blackness and xenophobia against the “other,” Cuban-Puerto Rican singer Xenia Rubinos returns, casting a “L.O.V.E.” spell on her global community.

“The song is an ode to falling in love in that crazy chaotic dizzy way where everything is all a jumbled blur, feeling lost in it like a child,” said Rubinos to VIBE Viva over email, “wanting that feeling to last forever. I wanted the song to feel simple, sweet, carefree and buoyant. When you get that break everything just melts down into syrupy little birds. Time stops when you’re together.”

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The Afro-Latina also has an equally spellbinding visual to boot, its theme profoundly inspired by the Black Joy Project.

“I wanted to shoot a video that encapsulates being ecstatically in love and wanting to scream it from the rooftops, to share that bubbly feeling with everyone. I want to bombard everyone with pure love laughter and excitement!” Rubinos expressed. “I was inspired by the black joy project which seeks to fill social media with as many uplifting images of POC as possible. This is my ode to brown & black joy, being in love and sharing that exuberance with complete strangers all around the city, feeling that universality of love connecting us all. This is us casting a love spell on the world, this is us showing you brown & black joy, this is us visualizing & manifesting a reality centered on love for one another and the simple joy love brings.”

Watch the tenderness unfold:

“L.O.V.E.” appears on the Amazon Music Original playlist called Love Me that was released just last month.