Protests Erupt After Student Gets Suspended Following Repeated Racial Harassment


A Wake Forest High School student claims he couldn’t take the racial harassment anymore, which is why footage shows the 15-year-old dragging another student to the floor.

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Last week, Micah Speed was originally given a 10-day suspension but it was later reduced to five after support for the sophomore grew online. Speed’s mother Yolanda spoke with The News & Observer and said while she doesn’t condone her son’s behavior, she’s disappointed with the faculty’s lack of action after Micah repeatedly told them about the racists comments being made.

“If the video had not gone viral, the light would not have been shone,” Yolanda said. “We’ve been talking about inappropriate conversations about race in the class for weeks.”

The incident in question occurred after a student showed Micah a video of shotguns being fired and allegedly then told Micah to imagine the targets as his family. It was at this moment the high school sophomore reacted.

“As I told him, ‘If you had not put your hands on him, you would not have been suspended at all,” Yolanda said. “But if you hadn’t, light would not have been shone on these teachers. If you don’t stop what’s going on in your classrooms, you’re a willing participant.”

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Yolanda was told the other student was disciplined but was not suspended. Since Speed’s suspension, a petition began and received 1,500 signatures, and on Monday about 100 students participated in a protest rallying for Speed to return to class. The school’s spokeswoman Lisa Luten said extra security was provided to ensure parents their child’s safety wasn’t in jeopardy.

Watch the altercation below.