Remy Ma Takes On Women’s Issues In New Freestyle Video

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Remy Ma is the woman of the hour, and in a new video for Marie Claire, the Bronx MC tackles the uneven playing field between men and women in two freestyles.

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The first freestyle tackles men’s rights activists. In the rhyme, Remy discusses how men have it a lot easier than women, despite being the main ones to complain about their problems.

“I mean seriously, y’all don’t think you already have enough sh**?” she says. “Y’all got priests, Presidents, nearly every justice in Supreme Court. I mean, like for like, y’all make twenty percent more, I’m really having a hard time seeing with y’all arguing for…Y’all just emotional, cry baby mad men that need to shut the f**k up.”

The second freestyle is about the concept of glass ceilings and inequality.

“It’s crazy, my bank account is determined by my body parts,” she says with a puzzled look on her face. “Breasts affect checks, a** affects cash. He has a penis, I have a vagina, so his salary’s automatically higher? So, don’t tell me that lie about glass ceilings not being true. Hillary [Clinton] already cracked it. Next time, we’re breaking through.”

Remy made headlines late last week with a scathing freestyle aimed at Nicki Minaj titled “shETHER,” which ignited one of the most talked about hip-hop feuds in recent memory.

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Her women’s rights freestyles can be viewed below.