Residente Weighs In On Puerto Rico’s Independence With Trevor Noah


During his stop at The Daily Show to discuss his self-titled album and documentary on his ancestral ties, Grammy Award-winning MC Residente took a moment to reflect on returning to Puerto Rico after his music was censored for four years when he cursed Puerto Rican governor Luis Fortuño for laying off thousands of public employees.

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“I was like the bad guy back home, but then he lost and I was able to perform again in front of 30,000 people, and it was great,” he said of the tear-jerking moment, which he wishes his late grandmother had the opportunity to witness.

The Calle 13 alumnus, a major champion for Oscar Lopez Rivera’s freedom, later touched on his vision for the U.S. territory. “I’m one of the five percent of people from Puerto Rico that believe in the independence of Puerto Rico. Of course, I would like to be like the U.S. with one flag, one national anthem and with a president.”

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