Romeo Miller Claims If He Were 6’4″ He’d “Be The LeBron Of This Day”

Growing up in your father’s shadow can be tough, but for Romeo Miller he used those experiences to carve his lane in both the basketball and hip-hop worlds, which Master P knows a thing or two about. The 27-year-old sat down with SLAM Magazine to reflect on his past encounters within both communities, as he saw first hand the drive it would take to make it.

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Romeo appeared in the 2017 NBA Celebrity All-Star game on the same team as his dad, who was invited to NBA training camps in 1998 and 1999, but the “My Baby” artist isn’t your average celebrity hooper. Romeo played two years under head coach Tim Floyd on a full ride at USC alongside childhood friend and now NBA All-Star, DeMar DeRozan. Miller expanded to SLAM, “I’ve felt that’s what built me to be the person I am today, playing sports.”

Maserati Rome described himself as a pugnacious point guard, built from the Chris Paul mold. The California native even pondered the thought of how dominant of a baller he could’ve been if his 5’11” frame were similar to his pops’ height: “If I was in my dad’s body, 6’4″, I’d be the LeBron of this day.”

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