Selena’s Legacy Will Be On Display At This Year’s Fiesta De La Flor

Selena’s staple scarlet lips, bustiers and sequined hats act as its own version of the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants across two decades worth of generations of fans worldwide. These are the things that ignite the interest of younger generations to immerse themselves into a culture of Tejano women Selena alone was able to embody for the masses. At this year’s Fiesta De La Flor, the millennials will be able to come face-to-face with the icon, while the generations that grew up with Ms. Quintanilla reminisce on the singer’s life.

Madame Tussaud’s museum will be releasing the Chicana’s wax statue to Fiesta De La Flor’s two-day celebration of the Queen of Tejano set for March 24-25.

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Every year since 2015, Selena fans have gathered in her hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas to honor the iconic legacy she left behind in the hearts of her fans. Last year at the unveiling of the statue, the museum’s general manager, Colin Thomas, reflected on Selena’s legacy: “Her influence has transcended generations and her passionate fans continue to be inspired by her to this day.”

CREDIT: Fusion

Thomas’s words came alive at last year’s festival as Fusion documented multiple generations of women gathered to emulate Selena’s style, commemorate her music and share words of how she’s influenced their pride as Tejano women. The images of varying waves of women from toddlers to some in their elder years was enough to represent her influence. From the visual representation of little Tejano girls dressed up in their angelic white two-pieces and purple jumpsuit Quintanilla-inspired fits, to mothers professing her children’s personal interests in Selena, the mold she left behind is unbounded.

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