5 Reasons Why Solange Was The Highlight Of Youtube’s SXSW Showcase

Do we really need to give you another 5 reasons why Solange is one of 2017’s most in-demand acts of SXSW? Well, before you answer, you’re getting them anyway.

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Aside from hearing her perform material from one of 2016’s best albums A Seat At The Table, the brilliant songstress brought along a squad of similarly suited dancers for her set. Keeping her Nola pride on front street, Solange also brought along a carefully curated brass band to provide the sounds.

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Before her angelic performance artists like James Hersey, Earthgang, JAIN, Aminé and more also rocked the spot, but it was clear that most of the room was there for Solange in all her glory.

1. First off, she looked absolutely stunning throughout her entire performance.

Solo kept the makeup to a minimum and let her hair do all the talking for her. Dressed in a light blue ensemble, her natural beauty — as always — was enough to keep the guys drooling — and the ladies in awe.


2. She performed “Don’t Touch My Hair” and “Cranes in the Sky”.

We could sit here all day and name Solange song after Solange song that we love, but the aforementioned masterpieces are two true gems from her latest opus, A Seat At The Table. “Cranes In The Sky”is the same record brought the artist a Grammy award earlier this year.


3. Solange was extremely gracious and thankful to the patient audience.

Solange may been a tad tardy to the party, but she remained as a humble queen throughout her show. At one point, she even took a few minutes to sincerely thank the crowd for their support.

“The many beautiful faces out there,” said Solange about her her adoring followers. “[It’s ] been such a long journey … I’m so grateful and so humbled that you saw a light in me,’


4. The singer made sure her stage show was 100% flawless.

Never one to bite her tongue for anyone, Solo was heard mouthing ques to her team during the showcase to make sure everyone hit their marks. She rarely missed a note while onstage, and her beautifully choreographed steps lined up immaculately with the notes.


5. Her dancers and back-up singers were all in-sync the whole damn time.

Saint Heron doesn’t have any room for slouches or slackers. If you want to roll with the team, please bring your A-game every time. One thing we noticed about the creative unit is that they always move as one. Solange certainly leads the pack, but every single person involved has a very important role — and they own it every time.

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