Syd Shares Her Favorite Unreleased Song, “Treading Water”


Syd has been holding onto a special track since she was still in the recording process for her universally loved album Fin. Though she absolutely loved the song, the powers that be forced her to leave the track on the cutting room floor.

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The West Coast singer told her fans on socials media that it was her “favorite song on Fin” before she had to release the project without it. “Feels like I’m treading water/Waiting on your call/And it’s getting harder/Trying not to drown/Come on, baby, ooh/Come on, baby, come back to me,” croons Syd on the love stricken song’s hook.

In a world where giving it up on the first date is standard affair, she feels alone because of her reluctancy to jump in bed with just anyone. However, there’s more than enough like-minded folks out there who prefer to float the same way as Syd.

“One time for the girls that don’t/Let just anyone rock that boat/All the ones who know that/They’re legit, confidence, gotta show that/Two times for the guys that wait/He ain’t heard back in like three, four days/ He’s just tryna figure you out,”

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