Puerto Rican Singer Taina Asili Smashes White Supremacy With “No Es Mi Presidente”

During the historic Women’s March on Washington on Jan. 21, Puerto Rican singer Taina Asili took the stage in front of approximately one million marchers to share her timely message in the form of a bilingual track called “No Es Mi Presidente.”

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Fast forward to Mar. 8, which marked International Woman’s Day, and Asili capitalized on the moment by dropping the visuals for the poignant – and very necessary – track, reports Rolling Stone. Asili has spent a lifetime working in prisons and gender equality, with her band Taina Asili y La Banda Rebelde.

The song incorporates all the topical issues that affect marginalized peoples and women as we strive to survive in Donald Trump’s administration. In the video, she smashes a television inundated with images of Trump, water, protests, immigrants getting arrested—all brutally honest snapshots of the current plights of people of color.

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“The video features a television with clips of different scenes that symbolize white supremacy, patriarchy, the desecration of sacred sites and harm to our earth,” she says. ”In the video, I smash the television as symbolism for smashing these concepts, making way for something new – using all of the tools that we’ve gathered from our activist movements over the years. For me, I see the work we’re doing now as part of a legacy of resistance.”

Asili also addressed why she made a bilingual song about POTUS, explaining it derived from her Puerto Rican heritage coupled with her U.S. Latino experience. Watch the video for “No Es Mi Presidente” below.

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