Father Puts Son’s Grades On Blast With Huge Poster At The Cavalier-Hornets’ Game


Whether you’re a single parent or not, whether you have all the money in the world or not parenting isn’t easy and oftentimes, sacrifices have to be made, which is the case of Thomas. Little is known is about Thomas or Thomas’ dad, but what we do know is Thomas’ grades weren’t up to par and because of it, he missed out on a great time.

“Thomas get your grades back up and next time, you’ll be here. Love dad,” a sign equipped with a crying face emoji read.

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The savage poster was captured at Friday’s game (March 24) between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Charlotte Hornets, and while some are praising Thomas’ father for being a firm disciplinarian, others aren’t really feeling the public embarrassment.

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Whatever side of the debate you find yourself on, we’re almost certain Thomas will get those grades where they’re supposed to be.