T.I. Drags Donald Trump, Calls Him A “Possum Fur Wig Wearing” President


If you were concerned President Donald Trump spent even a moment of his time feuding with Snoop Dogg, a successful and charismatic rapper, congrats! You too are part of the American population shaking your head in dismay.

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To catch a few of you up to speed, Uncle Snoop released a video last week for his song “Lavender” in which actor and hip-hop enthusiast Michael Rapaport dressed up as Trump imposter named “Ron Klump.”  In the video, Snoop shoots the fake Trump with a prank gun, which royally irked the hell out of those who dwell on the right side of the political aisle.

On Wednesday morning, Number 45 said Snoop only made the video because of his failing career, to which the Internet raised its proverbial eyebrow. However, T.I did more than just shake his head. The beloved ATLien dragged Trump in probably the best read the Internet has seen all month long.


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Did you catch all of that? “tangerine tanned muskrat scrotum skin” Or the “possum fur wig wearing” portion? Troubleman held nothing back, and while the creativity in the insults were entertaining, T.I. has shown in the past he’s an intelligent man abreast on current events, who was truly livid the leader of the free world wasn’t, well…leading.

Man, what a time.