Vic Mensa Spent One Night In Jail After Getting Busted For Felony Weapon Charge

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Earlier this month, Vic Mensa had a not-so-pleasant run-in with the police in Beverly Hills, Calif. The Roc Nation rapper reportedly ended up in the slammer after he was busted for a traffic violation and carrying an illegal handgun, TMZ reports.

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The “16 Shots” rapper was cruising through the Hills on Feb. 28, when he reportedly ran a stop sign, according to law enforcement. After being pulled over, Mensa quickly alerted police that he had a gun in his car and showed them his permit to carry. This all sounds pretty legal, except for the fact that police say the permit is not valid in California. According to the police report, Vic’s permit is for another state. The rapper was ultimately arrested on the scene and booked for one felony count of carrying a concealed weapon. He spent one night in jail before making $35,000 bail.

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Unfortunately, Mensa doesn’t have good luck in Beverly Hills. In Aug. 2016, the “U Mad” artist made headlines after he accused BHPD of racial profiling. Mensa posted a video on social media, alleging that the cops pulled him over and accused him of stealing $4,000 from a Barneys department store. He was reportedly questioned for 30-minutes before police said he did nothing wrong.

A court date regarding Mensa’s felony charge has not been set.

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