Waka Flocka Flame’s Car Mysteriously Catches Fire In Mexico


If you think you had a rough week, be grateful that you’re not Waka Flocka Flame.

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The rapper went to Mexico earlier this week expecting to have a relaxing getaway. What transpired, however, was a missing wallet, a missing passport and a car that set on fire right before heading to the airport.

Flocka posted about his major misfortune on Instagram Thursday (Mar. 16), however, it seems like he’s taking it all in stride. In the first video he posted, Waka points the camera at his white truck, and the entire front of the car is engulfed in flames. In a separate video, the car is shown after the blaze was contained. The front is melted and is still smoking.

“Our car burning…might miss my flight… What a f**king week MEXICO!!!” he captioned the videos. “…Plus my wallet and passport magically disappeared…with that being said, I still had a good time!!”

“Can you say ‘turn down for what?'” Waka says in the first video. “Turn down for WHAT! Mexico! That motherf**ker on fire! This s**t was supposed to bring me to the airport.”

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Although we’re not sure how the car started burning, thankfully, it seems as though no one was hurt.