Will Smith Went Bungee Jumping Despite Seeing What Happened To Trevor When He Proposed To Hilary

We’re not sure what post traumatic stress Hillary Banks dealt or is dealing with ever since her fiance Trevor Bungee jumped to his death during a wedding proposal gone tragically wrong. However, we would assume members of the Banks family in their plush Beverly Hills home would think twice before participating in any daredevil-esque activities. Will Smith on the other hand obviously didn’t grasp that lesson.

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Over the weekend, the Academy-Award nominated actor fulfilled a 2o year dream by jumping at Victoria Falls and he miraculously filmed the entire thing.

As the 48-year-old Hollywood star plummeted towards Zambezi River in the Zambia-Zimbabwe boarder, words like “Whoa!” and “This is crazy” are all he could really muster as he dangled in the air. When Smith finally got on solid ground, he was able to better articulate the rush he experienced.

“Oh, that was fantastic,” he said.

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Watch the awesome video below and don’t forget to pour some out for the homie Trevor.