Zoey Dollaz Shows Us Where The “Bad Tings” Are In His New Mini Movie


Zoey Dollaz latest single “Bad Tings” has been making its rounds on radio stations across the nation. With his new mixtape Nobody’s Safe on the way, the Miami rapper had to shift into Hollywood mode for the official “Bad Tings” video. In the cinematic visual directed by El Bee El, Zoey tells the story of how he gets caught up with a beautiful girl who’s also an undercover thief for a mob boss.

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As the story unfolds, the femme fatale assembles her trio of bandits in an attempt to pull off a major heist against Zoey and DB Bantino, who rocks the hook of the record produced by Track Burnaz. When the plan goes haywire, Zoey’s girl finds herself in even worse trouble than before. By the time her boss realizes the Freebandz rapper is the real con man, Zoey and DB were already taking off on their private jet.

Watch all the drama go down in Zoey Dollaz’ new video for “Bad Tings.”