A 117-Year-Old Jamaican Woman Is The World’s Oldest Living Person


A 117-year-old Jamaican woman has been crowned the world’s oldest living person. Violet Moses-Brown, of the Duanvale, Trelawny Parish, earned the title after the recent death of Italy’s Emma Morano, born in 1899.

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The supercentenarian, whose husband died nearly 40 years ago, credits her longevity with a diet that includes abstaining from pork and chicken. She does however enjoy fish and mutton, and occasionally indulges in “cow foot,” according to the Jamaican Observer . Other food favorites include sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, oranges and mangoes.

“Really and truly, when people ask what me eat and drink to live so long, I say to them that I eat everything, except pork and chicken, and I don’t drink rum and dem tings,” Brown said in 2010 interview with the Jamaica Gleaner, when she was 110 years old. “You know, sometimes I ask myself, ‘Am I really 110 years old?’ because I don’t feel like 110.”

Brown is a former seamstress, domestic helper, and cane farmer. Her eldest child, 96-year-old Harold Fairweather, is believed to be the world’s oldest living person with a living parent. In her 2010 interview, Brown proudly shared that she was still able to make her bed, and remembered poems that she learned as a child.

She also recalled walking miles to fetch water in the mornings before school. “I tell you, these young people these days have it easy – piped water, taxis and buses to bring them where they want to go, everything to their convenience,” Brown said. “When I was younger, and even as an adult, I had to work so hard that sometimes when I look back, I cry at how hard I had to work to make a living for my family.”

Despite her hardships, and growing up in post-emancipation Jamaca (which she likened to slavery), Brown remains thankful to still be alive:  “If God gives me more life, I will take it.”

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