Footage Shows 50 Cent Punching A Woman After She Tried To Drag Him Off Stage

In between filming Season Four of Power, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson still collects a few coins from his original hustle as a musician and performer. On Saturday (April 8) Mr. Jackson and The Lox decided to move the people at Baltimore’s Soundstage.

However, things took a turn for the violent when captured footage shows a female fan grabbing a hold of 50’s hand, then trying to drag him towards her and off the stage. In retaliation (or as a reflex), 50 seemingly throws a punch at her chest, causing security to intervene and halt the performance.

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Fif quickly climbs back on stage and then asks the unidentified woman to come on stage with him, accepting the olive branch the Effen Vodka ambassador has extended. Then randomly, the same woman, who tried to drag 50 Cent off stage, begins to twerk.

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Jackson, who is also busy filming the crime action drama Den Of Thieves, normally voices his side of the story on Instagram, but a cursory search pulls up nothing. Maybe everything worked out in the end and 50 Cent and the woman made amends.