Take Note: 8 Ad Campaigns That Got Social Change Right


Pepsi has found itself at the center of controversy this week, after it launched its “Live Bolder” campaign starring Kendall Jenner. The brand shamelessly mirrored today’s social climate by portraying current movements to push for change and equality. But the ad epically failed with watered down protest signs and insensitive imagery. And to make matters worse, it used Jenner as the savior to end all inequality and “isms” by handing out a Pepsi.

It’s not unusual for our media to mimic current trends and politics, but there is a wrong and right way to do it. Unfortunately, Pepsi fell flat this time, but luckily we’ve got a list of all the commercial ads that did get it right for future reference.

1. Nike’s “Equality” Ad

With the help of some familiar faces, including LeBron James, Serena Williams, Alicia Keys, and Michael B. Jordan, Nike stands for equality and change.

2. Airbnb’s “We Accept” Ad

Following it’s pledge to stand against Trump’s anti-Muslim ban, Airbnb released an ad at the 2017 Super Bowl, depicting inclusiveness on every scale.

3. NFL’s “Inside These Lines” Ad

The National Football League recognizes there are differences that may separate us, but there is much more that unites us.

4. Budweiser’s “Born the Hard Way” Ad

The beer brand appropriately depicts an ambitious man’s voyage to America in pursuit of his dreams, while commenting on issues of immigration and the economy.

5. 84 Lumber’s  “The Entire Journey” Ad

84 Lumber took audience’s breath away, illustrating a mother and daughter’s courageous journey from one border to the next. The ad pushes for acceptance and compassion.

6. Audi’s “Daughter” Ad

As apart of its #DriveProgress campaign, Audi takes a stand for gender equality, portraying a father’s support for his little girl’s dream to be a race car driver.

7. Always’ “Like A Girl” Ad

The feminine brand demolishes gender stereotypes and fights to end the use of “like a girl,” with a powerful ad.

8. Colgate’s “Every Drop Counts” Ad

Colgate encourages consumers to turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth in order to save more than 3,000 gallons of water a year.

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