Brooklyn Rapper Gets Slashed In Face, Then Allegedly Kicked Out Of An Uber For Bleeding Too Much

It looks like Uber will be joining United Airlines in PR damage control this week, after an Uber driver allegedly kicked a wounded passenger out of his car in New York City Wednesday night (Apr. 12). A Brooklyn rapper known under the moniker of Ju, was reportedly suffering from a huge slash to the face, when his driver tossed him to the curb due to “excessive bleeding,” The New York Post reports.

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The local artist, whose real name is Freeman Durden, was reportedly leaving Manhattan’s East Village hookah bar, Karma, with a friend when he was confronted by five men. After a brief scuffle, one of the men slit Durden’s face from his ear to his cheek. After the group fled the scene, his friend ordered an Uber to escort Durden, who was bleeding profusely, to medical care. But unfortunately, the driver failed to oblige and allegedly ejected both passengers from the vehicle moments after pulling off.

Luckily this story has somewhat of a happy ending though. A gracious Uber driver picked Ju up near the scene of the crime and transported him to Bellevue Hospital. The rapper was reportedly treated with 30 staples in his face, according to reports. Ju had reportedly been at Karma earlier that night for his own performance, police told The Post. Authorities believe the five assailants attacked him in relation to a rap rivalry.

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This wouldn’t be the first time Uber has found itself in the hot seat regarding violence or discrimination. Earlier this month, a female passenger alleged another passenger attacked her during an UberPool ride. In light of the recent allegations, it will be interesting to see how the car service responds.