California Father Gets 10 Days In Jail For Leaving His Baby In The Car To Go To A Strip Club


An assistant-manager of a California strip club became suspicious when he noticed a customer repeatedly exit and re-entering the facility. Matthew Nadeau who works at Synn Gentlemen’s Club in Van Nuys tells The Los Angeles Times that he left the club to investigate and found a baby crying and sweaty inside a car.

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Twenty-four year old Auwin Dargin pleaded no contest to one count of felony child abuse and was sentenced to 10 days in a county jail. He was also hit with five years probation and ordered to undergo 52 weeks of parenting classes and 45 days of Caltrans service.

According to The Times, Dargin arrived at the North Hills strip club on March 9, 2016 and left his daughter in the car for 43 minutes to buy lap dances. The club’s employees found the baby crying in the car while her father was inside.

Nadeau and other employees were able to get the 9-month-old through one of the door’s partially opened windows. Nadeau said he then went inside and interrupted Dargin’s lap dance to tell them they found his daughter. Dargin was reportedly angry.


Dargin reportedly kept saying , “‘Just give me my baby,’” and, “‘I know I am messing up.’” Instead Nadeau held onto the child and called police who arrested Dargin.