Charles Barkley Was “Uncomfortable” Seeing Isaiah Thomas Cry

Before Sunday’s game (April 16) against the Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas was seen on the sidelines crying. The day before, it was reported the 28-year-old point guard’s sister died in a car crash. She was 22-years old. To honor his sister, Thomas wrote “Chyna,” “R.I.P. Lil Sis” and “I love you” on the sneakers he wore during the game.

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Despite putting forth a heroic effort and scoring 33 points, the Bulls defeated the Celtics 106-102. However, knowing the tragedy that Thomas is now dealing with, Charles Barkley didn’t agree with him showing emotion over the death of sister. During a brief clip from Inside The NBA, the controversial sports analyst said Thomas’ crying made him “uncomfortable.”

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“I don’t know how this night is going to turn out. But to be sitting on the sideline a few minutes before the game, crying, that makes me uncomfortable for him,” Barkley continued. “That’s just not a good look, in my personal opinion.” It didn’t take long for Barkley’s comments to merit backlash, with some calling it insensitive while others said Barkley was speaking about Thomas’ ability to play.

What say you? Do you think Charles Barkley was just Charles Barkley-ing and running off at the mouth per usual? Or was the talking head speaking about Thomas not being in a game-ready condition to play due to his sister’s the death? Sound off in the comments.