Chicago Mother Heartbroken After Seeing Her Two Sons Shot And Killed

A Chicago mother cried endless tears last week when two of her sons came to visit her at the restaurant she worked, and was shot and killed. Dillon Jackson, 20 was found dead inside the South Shore’s Nadia Fish and Chicken, and his brother Raheem Jackson, 19, was found laying against a tree. According to the Chicago Tribune, the mother was inconsolable.

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“I can’t go on; my life is over. I’m ’bout to g**damn kill myself,” the mother said. “I was standing right here in the window; they killed ’em right in front of me.”

Two other men were also killed and later found by Chicago law enforcement. Emmanuel Stokes, 28, and Edwin Davis, 32 were both found inside the restaurant. Jackson’s grandmother, Georgia Jackson told reporters her grandsons went to the restaurant to get some food from their mother. At the shooting told Jackson “They shot Dillon.”  By the time she arrived both her grandsons were dead.

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“We got a call from their mama. She only said one at first, but when I got here they said they found the other,” Jackson said. As it stands now police believe the son’s death was gang retaliation for a killing that took place Wednesday. (March 29)

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