CVS Employees Accidentally Lock Homeless Man Inside Store

Once CVS employees of a Trenton, Mich.-based store closed down for the evening, they left under the assumption that no customers were left behind. But in the thick of the night, police officials received a notice that a homeless man was trapped inside. CVS also mulled the idea of pressing larceny charges against the individual who reportedly ate some of the food within the aisles.

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Henry Brettschneider was found asleep by a blood pressure machine, Huffington Post reports. Before authorities arrived on the scene around 1 a.m. on April 1, Brettschneider walked throughout the store and perused the snacks, ultimately setting off an alarm while doing so. Authorities swiftly arrived and arrested the 56-year-old.

The news site adds that CVS received a great amount of backlash once they announced the likelihood of pressing charges, but the wave of non-support from spectators led the national company to re-think their decision.

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Per CBS Detroit, a spokesperson said they’re “not charging him. Once the police were looking at his criminal record there were other things to take care of, so CVS is not pursuing it.”

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