CyHi The Prynce Scorches Another Freestyle In New York City


CyHi the Prynce is capitalizing on his positive energy. After releasing two solid singles, “Nu Africa” and “Legend,” from his forthcoming debut album, No Dope On Sunday’s, the G.O.O.D. Music emcee stopped by Genius’ HQ to spit an a cappella freestyle.

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Sticking to his hip-hop morals of delivering food for the soul, the Decatur, Ga., native fired off captivating rhymes about his personal reform from dope boy to rapper while dropping more than enough slick wordplay.

“I had to cut the beat off for the non-believers/I always knew that I would be the one to lead us/Got a ni**a feeling like the Son of Jesus/Now I’m back like Christ in the month of Easter/Shorty, I was in the trap with a ton of Keisha/Serve a ni**as seven grams, that’s a hundred meters,” CyHi raps.

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Recently, the rapper born Cydel Young stopped by VIBE to discuss his car being shot at 19 times, in which he nor his friend were hit. He also spoke on sneaking onto the high school marching band.

Stay on the lookout for No Dope On Sunday’s which will be released sometime this summer.