CyHi The Prynce Recalls The Day His Car Was Shot Up 19 Times

Atlanta’s CyHi The Prynce was recently in New York City on a promo run for his long-awaited debut album, No Dope On Sundays. The G.O.O.D. Music anomaly stopped by VIBE’s headquarters to discuss his forthcoming project, all the happenings with his camp and what it was like growing up on the streets.

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CyHi, who has writing credits alongside Kanye West and Drake, shared one particular story about the time he was robbed at gunpoint. During the medley, his car was riddled with 19 bullets, but he was not hit with a single shot—neither was his close friend who was also seated in the vehicle.

“I got robbed one time. It was crazy because I could’ve lost my friend in the robbery,” remembers Cyhi. “It was a whole shootout. Some things transpired. They pulled their guns on me, and didn’t know that my partner had his. They got into it, and I’m in the middle of gunfire trying to duck bullets and run out the way.”

After the shooting, the underrated lyricist also realized it was his time to leave the streets alone. ATL might have lost a soldier, but Kanye gained a brother with the move.

“I want to let people know how God works. My friend was in the passenger seat and it was 19 bullets holes in my car, but when I tell you that the bullets outlined his body through the door, through the top of the door, down the back of the door to the backseat,” explains CyHi. “And when I come from behind the building after they pulled off, my car is rolling on a flat I’m like ‘Oh, my partner dead. I see the car rolling and running to the car trying to stop it because I need to put it in park and I see my door open.”

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