DJ Kid Capri Hints Kendrick Lamar May Release More Music

We’ve got so many thoughts and suspicions about Kendrick Lamar. Following the release of his album DAMN., fan theories began to spread of another project coming relatively soon titled NATION., a play on Lamar’s ongoing theme of religion.

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While DJ Kid Capri didn’t confirm the theories, he did speak with Mass Appeal about his contribution to the album and what fans can expect from the Compton musician. “[TDE] reached out to me, and asked me if I could come meet up with Kendrick,” he said about the creative process. “So we sat down and we figured it out. I came to the studio and recorded a lot of stuff, they took what they wanted, placed it where they needed to place it. I think they’ve got some more stuff—there are some more things—coming out later, but for right now, that’s what happened.”

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The legendary DJ acts as a narrator of sorts on the album, coming in just before “ELEMENT.” He also drops the Instagram-quotable line, “Ain’t nobody praying for me! Y’all know what happens on earth stays on earth” before bringing in Kung Fu Kenny. After listening to the project as a whole with the rest of the world on Friday (April 14), the producer explained why DAMN. is worth the hype.

“The fact that he didn’t overdo it with me, but made me the narrator of the album, I thought that was brilliant for two reasons,” he explained. “One, it shows the authenticity. But it also brings another level of bringing East coast and West coast together. One of the records I did with Slick Rick and Snoop Dogg, “Unify,” on my last album Soundtrack to the Streets, was the same kind of concept. So, you know, that thing he said that last time with the whole “king of New York” thing, I think it helps level that out.”

Capri added there was a lot of material not used for the album, but thinks something else will be on the horizon for fans. As far as new material, the rapper presented a short three-part film, The Damn Legend of Kung Fu Kenny, during his performance at Coachella.

“There’s a gang of stuff that hasn’t been used yet,” he said. “That’s why I said I think he’s doing something later on, or he might be doing something for his show, but there’s a lot of stuff that I put out there.”

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