Donald Trump May Surpass Obama’s Vacation Expenses Within The First Months Of His Term

While Barack Obama was in office, Donald Trump mercifully criticized him for allegedly taking too many vacation days on the taxpayer’s dime. However, reports show that during Trump’s first 80 days as leader of the free world he has spent an estimated $20 million traveling to his private Florida club, putting him on track to out spend Obama’s vacation expenses within a couple of months.

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Oh, how the hypocritical cookie crumbles.

Estimating the cost to cover a presidential trip isn’t exact, CNN reports, but a 2016 Government Accountability Office calculated that a four-day trip for Obama in 2013, similar to the many Trump has taken, was totaled at about $3.6 million. The tally covers the Secret Service and the coast guard.

So far, Trump has spent six weekends, a total of 21 days, at his Mar-A-Lago private Palm Beach club. The total cost for those trips hovers around $21. 6 million. Conversely, Obama spent $97 million during his eight years in office. His trips included his annual family vacation to Martha’s vineyard, and ski trips to Aspen, along with work related travels.

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Having spent $20 million during his first 100 days in office, it’s likely Trump will spend more on vacations than Obama did during his eight years in office, within his first term. ┬áTrump’s trips to Mar-A-Lago comes as the president asks the federal government to cut funding to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the State Department, the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal programs. The proposed cuts, which will likely be adopted, will work alongside the $54 billion increase in defense spending.

Twenty-one days in Mar-A-Lago and we’re not even 100 days in.